Emergency Medical Care

Every effort is made to ensure campers’ health and safety and medical staff are present at all activities to handle diabetes-related and general first aid concerns.  However, if an unforeseen medical event occurs, the Camp will contact the parent(s) as soon as possible after the following incidents: glucagon administration (for severe hypoglycemia), emergency room visit or hospitalization, seizure, any ‘emergency medical call' from cabin to dispensary, allegations of abuse, or medical error.  Please ensure that Camp has accurate parent/guardian 24/7 contact information.

In the case of the extremely rare situation in which an emergency might arise that cannot be addressed by the Camp medical staff, note that Geauga Hospital is only 10 minutes from Camp.

Authorization and Payment for Medical Care

Medical services, diabetes supplies and medicines provided at Camp Ho Mita Koda by the camp’s medical/dispensary staff are available at no charge to campers. The Camp, however, does not provide health insurance benefits for campers and is not responsible for payments to ambulances, hospital/ambulatory care facilities, physicians or other medical care provided off-site and/or by medical personnel other than camp staff members, resident physicians in training at camp, and members of the camp's volunteer senior medical staff on duty.

Parents provide authorization for treatment in the event an illness or injury requires hospital or emergency room care. In the event of any illness or injury involving evaluation or treatment in an emergency room or hospital, the camp medical staff will notify parents. The Medical Insurance Information indicates parental agreement to be responsible for medical charges if there is a need to engage outside medical services (an ambulance, emergency room, hospital and related care). In these circumstances, the family assumes responsibility for all costs.

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