Camper Quotes

 Thank you - giving back

After watching the Camp video:  "I love this video. I love camp, I love everyone at camp,everyone because family... watching this was like watching a family video. I love the video, it made me a good way"

E.M.(Age 14)

"I loved camp this year!  It was sooo much fun i'm glad I decided to go to the 12 day session! :D  I met so many new people made so many new friends and just had a blast!  You can bet i'll be back next year!  :)  I might even go to two sessions!, since it'll be my last year as a camper :D <3  I accomplished so much while I was at camp this year!  :D So I just wanted to thank camp for that! I don't know what I would have done with out camp! :) So thank you so much! :) <3"

Heather (age 15)

Thank you - What camp means

“My favorite part of camp is making new friends.”

Shannon (Age 14)

“My favorite part of camp is making new friends and the new activities.”

Amanda (Age 14)

“My favorite part of camp is the friends that I’ve made that I’ve kept for all the years I keep coming back.”

Maggie (Age 14)

“The food here is awesome and the counselors are the best!”

Samiantha (Age 13)

“I like Camp Ho Mita Koda because it helps me a lot at home to control my diabetes and helps me count my carbs.”

Almonte (Age 11)

“Camp helps me because I learn about diabetes more than I do at my house and at my school regularly; and it helps to get new friends.”

D.J. (Age 12)

“Camp helps me by showing me how to control my blood sugar better at home.”

Robert (Age 13)

Camp Ho Mita Koda

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