Nutrition FAQs

Are snacks required? What kinds of snacks are available?

Morning and mid-day snacks are determined on an individual basis. Bedtime snacks are required for all campers. A variety of snacks are offered each day. Examples of snacks are fresh fruit, assorted chips and crackers, granola bars, s’mores, and a cookie with milk.

What do campers eat? What is a typical meal?

A registered dietitian plans and supervises three well-balanced meals at camp each day. Meals are prepared by professional cooks and may include camp favorites such as macaroni and cheese, calzones, hamburgers, freshly seasoned steamed veggies, grilled chicken caesar salads, and fruit trays.

How do you handle picky eaters?

A wide variety of foods is offered at camp for meals and snacks so when it comes to picky eaters, the staff tries to lead by example. The counselors show campers how to eat a well-balanced meal by doing so themselves and encouraging the campers to try new things. However, for the less adventurous campers, there is always a peanut butter and jelly or plain deli meat sandwich option available.

How do you handle food allergies? (nuts/gluten/eggs/dairy)

Allergen-free substitutions such as soy milk and SunButter are always stocked in the kitchen and discussed with the kitchen staff and counselors during staff training. Prior to each session, the camp dietitian is alerted to campers’ food allergies. A list of camper food allergies is posted in the kitchen, dispensary, and cabin for the duration of the camp session to help kitchen staff and all camp staff make sure that necessary substitutions are made. The kitchen is always stocked and prepared to cook a gluten-free menu for those with celiac disease. There are separate kitchen appliances and areas of the kitchen used when preparing gluten-free foods.  

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