Medical Care at Camp

Will you follow my child's blood glucose management plan while s/he is at Camp?


Our priority is the health and safety of each of our campers.  

Life at Camp with all its activities is very different from life at home.  This means your child's glucose management may be different as well.  Each camper is assessed by the medical team throughout their stay to balance nutrition, activity levels, and insulin needs while avoiding dangerous hypoglycemia.

You complete medical forms for your child prior to coming to Camp and during checkin, Camp medical staff will talk to you and your child about your child's level of activity at home and his/her blood glucose patterns. You will have the opportunity to discuss any changes that might occur in insulin dosages or pump settings while participating in the many activities at Camp.

Our medical staff is also prepared to handle illnesses, bumps and bruises that can be part of outdoor life, and can work with you to address the needs of campers with other medical conditions.

Looking for more information about diabetes?  See these online resources.

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